The centralized platform to build your COA strategies.

  • 5,700+

    COA instruments
  • 1,900+

    Drugs with COA claims
  • 250+

    Guidelines on COAs

The aim of Mapi Research Trust is to facilitate the exchange and access to information in the field of Clinical Outcome Assessments (COAs) for the entire scientific community. This is why Mapi Research Trust has centralized all its resources and services into the ePROVIDE™ platform.

Physicians, academic researchers and students, healthcare organisations, pharma companies, eVendors, ePROVIDE™ gives you access to up-to-date scientific and operational information on COAs.


Three interlinked databases


PROQOLID™: a unique database referencing validated & published COAs

  • Choose the appropriate COAs for your research or practice:
    • 5,500+ COAs classified by therapeutic indications and types of COAs
  • Understand how to use the COAs you select:
    • COA developers’ information, conditions of use, and translations
    • COA description, reliability, validity, ability to detect change


PROLABELS™: information on all COAs approved by the FDA and EMA (label claims), since 1995

  • Quickly identify competitive landscape.
  • Find up-to-date information on COAs mentioned in label claims.
  • Develop a successful patient-centric endpoint strategy in a drug approval process.


PROINSIGHT™: published regulatory recommendations on the use of COAs for different indications

  • Access guidelines on the development of drugs, drug treatments, and methods for economic evaluation
  • Check the concepts and COAs that should be considered to assess a disease’s impact on patients’ life
  • Capture regulatory COA requirements in clinical settings


A comprehensive information and request management service: PROVIDE™

  • Research and selection of fit-for-purpose COAs
  • Streamlined licensing process
  • Support with eCOA implementation