Why build your own COA repository?

Are you leveraging knowledge from past COA successes? If well documented, implementing lessons learned from past experience will increase efficiency.

  • Centralized information: Manage and add COAs, study information and documents.
  • Enhanced search: Quick and easy searches filtered by COAs and studies.
  • Controlled access: Secured access for authorized staff, administered by the sponsor.
  • COA usage data: Information on the versions and translations used, as well as licenses.
  • Smart alerts: Automatic notifications prior to license expiration.
  • Downloadable format: Data exported in Excel files.


What level of information can be saved in your COA repository?

Accessible in your personal space under ePROVIDE™, your company’s COA repository stores all key information on the COAs you have used in your clinical studies.

Whether distributed by Mapi Research Trust or by another vendor, developed by the sponsor or in the public domain, any COA can be saved in your COA Repository.

  • Original versions
  • Therapeutic indications
  • Type of COA (PRO, ObsRO, ClinRO, PerfO)
  • Licenses
  • Translations and certificates of translation
  • Details on electronic versions
  • Scoring manuals
  • Validation reports


Which study-related information can be saved in my COA Repository?


  • Short study description:

Study protocol number, start and end dates, study manager, therapeutic area, indication, intervention, document upload.

  • Licenses used:

All the licenses used in one study along with all the linked studies which may be of interest.

  • COAs used:

Number of administrations, versions, dates, languages, formats (paper, electronic), types of device (if applicable).



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