PROVIDE™ services

PROVIDE™ services

  • Distribution of Clinical Outcome Assessments (COAs): licenses, licensing support, providing of translations, certificates of translations, scoring, users’ manuals
  • COA information search
  • COA printing and shipping
  • Targeted literature reviews
  • Development of COA scoring guide/manuals
  • eCOA services: screenshots reviews of the source English version of COAs
  • eBooklet development: guidance to implement paper COA into electronic format
ePROVIDE™ database

ePROVIDE™ database

  • PROQOLID: 5000+ COAs
  • PROLABELS: 1900+ products
  • PROINSIGHT: 250+ guidelines
  • COAR: Clinical Outcome Assessments Repository
Services to authors

Services to authors

  • COA management
  • COA promotion
  • COA protection (copyright)