Our services

Comprehensive support in the field of Clinical Outcomes Assessments (COAs and eCOAs)

Our services cover the needs of COA users, COA developers and copyright holders alike.

With more than 30 years of experience in the field of patient-centered outcomes and long-lasting collaborations with COA developers and copyright holders, Mapi Research Trust has developed comprehensive expertise at each step of the patient-centric endpoint strategy.

Selection and use of COAs


COA description (PROQOLID™), COA label claims (PROLABELS™) and regulatory recommendations on COAs (PROINSIGHT™).


Patient-Centered Endpoint Intelligence

Our team of experts performs a targeted but comprehensive landscape analysis customized to answer your key strategic questions.


Streamlined COA licensing process

For any COAs, distributed by Mapi Research Trust or not. Information search, conditions of use, availability of translations and eCOA, gap analysis, scoring guides, license agreements...


Coordination of translation projects

Ensuring integrity and validation of COA translations, in collaboration with ICON Language Services.


eCOA Services

eCOA licensing, definition of the digitization scope, best practice guidance, screenshot review and eCOA certification.


COA Repository

A unique repository for all COAs used in your clinical studies, leveraging knowledge from past COA successes.



Collaboration with COA developers & copyright holders

  • COA protection (copyright): To prevent misuse or abuse, copyright must be supplemented with access to critical information on COAs, such as conditions of use, availability of translations and eCOAs, validation status, scoring guidance and other materials that are paramount to the proper use of COAs.
  • COA curation: The centralization of comprehensive, up-to-date and reliable information on original and derivative versions is critical to the scientific community and to the success of patient-centered outcomes research .
  • COA promotion: Benefit from the visibility of the leader in the field of COAs! In addition to being listed in the PROQOLIDTM database, COAs distributed by Mapi Research Trust are listed in our catalog and gain more views due to their streamlined licensing access.

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