800+ Clinical Outcome Assessments distributed by Mapi Research Trust on behalf of their 250+ copyright owners

Mapi Research Trust is the official licensor and distributor of more than 800 COAs on behalf of their developers and copyright holders. Our objective is to facilitate access to COAs by centralizing the licensing process and all existing material, while ensuring that the copyright holders’ rights are respected and that the integrity of the COAs are protected.


The COAs we distribute can be used in all types of settings, from routine clinical purposes to research studies upon signature of a license agreement granting permission for use. Depending on your profile and the context of use, specific conditions of use, including the payment of licensing fees, may apply.


How to access COAs from our catalog: a streamlined licensing process

To get access to a COA distributed by Mapi Research Trust, please visit the PROQOLIDTM database and the webpage of the COA you wish to use, and check its conditions of use, available translations and other practical information.

  • For use in a clinical trial or funded study, simply submit a request in the COA webpage under “Access this questionnaire”.
  • If your study does not receive specific funding or if you are using the COA for individual clinical practice use, you can download the COA directly from the PROQOLIDTM webpage under “Access this questionnaire”.


For access to our full catalog or any questions about these COAs, please visit our ePROVIDE™ platform.


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