Mapi Research Trust (MRT) expands its North American presence to support increased demand for information on Clinical Outcome Assessments (COAs). The expanding application and use of Clinical Outcome Assessments (COAs) both in Clinical Research and Clinical Care has increased the level of support that the Mapi Research Trust provides to researchers and health care providers. To support the life science industry, physicians and Health Care Organizations, the Mapi Research Trust is expanding staff in North America.

“The expansion of United States staff in our growing Boston, MA, location strengthens Mapi Research Trust’s mission of giving a voice to the patient across the spectrum of health care from clinical research to therapeutic care globally,” Commented Katrin Conway, Managing Director of the Mapi Research Trust.
Mapi founded the Not-for-Profit Mapi Research Trust in 2004 to support the adoption of Patient Outcomes in health research; since then, Mapi Research Trust has been dedicated to improving the uptake and application of patient outcomes and Quality of Life measures by promoting collaborative initiatives among researchers, pharmaceutical companies and international organizations with the objective of incorporating the patient’s voice into the development process of new treatments.

“From the start we believed that patients must be the heart of Health Research and Healthcare. That the lives of patients can be improved through the application of Clinical Outcomes Assessments (COAs) both in Health Research and Clinical Care,” Commented Bernard Jambon, Mapi Research Trust Chairman, “The addition of Outcome Measures into Clinical Care as measures of patient value is a natural evolution for health systems that seek to improve patients’ health and quality of life.”

Mapi Research Trust continues to invest in their core expertise:
(1) Management and distribution of information related to Clinical Outcomes Assessments which are used in any scientific context where Healthcare practitioners and researchers endeavor to improve patients’ lives. The Trust answers over 7000 requests for COA information a year, are the official distributors of almost 300 COAs and provide access to specifically developed databases:

PROQOLID, the largest curated repository of validated Outcomes Assessments
PROLABELS, the largest research database identifying drug product labeling claims approved by the EMA and FDA
PROINSIGHT, the consolidated repository of guidance documentation needed for the application of Clinical Outcomes Assessments (COAs) in Clinical Research.

(2) MRT facilitates the collaboration with similar minded individuals and organizations through appropriate communication and education. The web-based monthly publication of the PRO Newsletter enables individuals and organizations to stay informed of a constant changing COA landscape.
(3) MRT drives initiatives to improve global health and patients’ quality of life. The ERIQA and PRO Harmonization groups coordinated by MRT, brought together researchers, industry and health authorities to establish HRQOL as a credible criterion of evaluation in clinical trials in the US and Europe. The work of the 2 groups was instrumental in bringing about the FDA’s PRO guidance issued in 2006 and providing a channel for the patients’ voice at the FDA and its European counterpart.
With its expansion in the US, Mapi Research Trust will allow still more individuals and organizations to benefit from free and subsidized Patient Centered Outcomes resources. The global Mapi Research Trust will be able to support more than the current 7,000 independent and academic research programs a year across some 130 countries.