The use of EORTC measures in daily clinical practice

This paper is a synopsis of the newly developed “Manual for the use of EORTC measures in daily clinical practice,” available here, and covering the following issues:

  • a rationale for using EORTC measures in routine care
  • selection of EORTC measures, timing of assessments, scoring and presentation of results
  • aspects of a strategic implementation
  • electronic data assessment and tele-monitoring, and
  • further use of EORTC measures and ethical considerations.

Next to an extensive overview of currently available literature, the manual specifically focuses on knowledge about EORTC measures to give evidence-based recommendations whenever possible and to encourage readers and end-users of EORTC measures to contribute to further needed high-quality research.
The manual will be accessible on the EORTC Quality of Life Group website’s homepage and will be periodically updated to take into account any new knowledge due to medical, technical, regulatory and scientific advances.