Caregiver Burden: Why It Is Important and How to Assess It


Key Discussion Points

Caregivers’ subjective feelings of burden are critical for understanding their circumstances and decisions.

Burden has been defined in many different ways. Using models of stress can clarify the meaning of burden measures and lead to better choices of measures

The Zarit Burden Interview (ZBI) has been widely used internationally for a variety of research purposes.

The psychometric properties of the ZBI are sound but like any measure it is important to understand the ZBI’s limitations.

The ZBI represents a good choice for measurement of subjective burden.


What you will learn

  • Introduction to the measurement of burden
  • Origins and definition of burden: The Zarit Burden Interview (ZBI)
  • Burden and the stress process
  • Uses of the ZBI
  • Issues in the measurement of burden

Steven H. Zarit, Ph.D.

Distinguished Professor Emeritus, The Pennsylvania State University

Marie Dulac Trimoreau

Author Relations Specialist, Mapi Research Trust

Christelle Giroudet

Key Account Director, Mapi Language Services