Tilly Stott

Project Coordinator, Mapi Research Trust

Nadine Kraft

Research Associate II, Mapi Research Trust

An in-depth look at how PROQOLID™, PROLABELS™, and PROINSIGHT™ help you develop your endpoint strategy or identify the right outcomes for your study.

About the webinar

Mapi Research Trust is pleased to present a guided tour of ePROVIDE™, containing our PROQOLID™, PROLABELS™, and PROINSIGHT™ databases on Clinical Outcome Assessments (COAs). ePROVIDE™ was launched in order to centralize all Mapi Research Trust resources and services.

The provided information includes:
• Descriptive information on COA instruments
• Availability of translations, how they were developed (i.e., translation certificates), and how they are distributed
• Copyright information
• The existence (or not) of an exclusivity of translation,
• Drug approval claims with COAs in the endpoint strategy 
• Regulatory recommendations on the use of COAs in clinical studies
• And more…

Who should attend?

This webinar will appeal to all academia, healthcare professionals, clinical researchers and pharmaceutical companies interested in the centralization of COAs, endpoint strategy, regulatory recommendations, and labeling claims.

What you will learn:

  • How PROQOLID™ is designed to assist academic researchers, physicians, students, pharmaceutical companies, health authorities, and international organizations in the search and evaluation of COAs.
  • How PROLABELS™ provides a global picture of COA endpoint strategies that are used to demonstrate the efficacy and safety of drugs or devices in the market approval process.
  • How PROINSIGHT™ informs users about COAs by summarizing published regulatory recommendations concerning the use of COAs to determine treatment benefits in drug development and approval. 
  • How to use ePROVIDE, to subscribe, and to submit your requests. 


Tilly Stott, BA
Project Coordinator – Mapi Research Trust

Tilly is a Project Coordinator working within the Databases team at Mapi Research Trust. Before joining the Trust in October 2020, Tilly graduated with a first class honours in History in 2019 from the University of Sheffield having spent a year abroad studying at Sciences Po Lyon. Tilly is currently focusing on PROQOLID related projects as well as providing support to the SENEC, Targeted Literature Review and PROVIDE teams.

Nadine Kraft, M.Sc.
Research Associate II, Mapi Research Trust

Nadine Kraft is a Research Associate with Mapi Research Trust’s Database Unit (DB). Prior to her work with the DB she was complementing her studies working in an international medical technology company and assisting in the development of an outcome assessment. At the University of Salzburg, she graduated with a M.Sc. in Psychology and a specialization in cog. Neuroscience and psychological diagnostic, including psychometric properties.