A questionnaire to assess quality of life in severe asthma

Join us to learn about the Severe Asthma Questionnaire (SAQ), a new patient reported outcome (PRO). The SAQ was developed according to FDA PRO guidelines that requires patient input.  The questionnaire takes into account not only the impact of impact of asthma symptoms but also the effects of treatment on Health related Quality of Life (HRQoL). The SAQ is a validated tool for use in clinical practice, in clinical trials and is currently being added to international patient registries.

What you will learn:

  • Understand why questionnaires designed to measure quality of life in mild and moderate asthma are not valid when used for severe asthma
  • Learn how the SAQ was developed using input from patients as recommended by FDA PRO guidelines.
  • Learn about the content of the SAQ and the different types of problems that patients with severe asthma have.
  • Learn how to use the SAQ in clinical practice and in clinical trials.
  • Learn about new and ongoing research using the SAQ.

The SAQ was designed by patients for patients. Patients were treated as partners in the process of questionnaire construction rather than only as a source of information.  The SAQ measures quality of life deficit in of 16 different domains as well as measuring quality of life on a 100 point scale of global quality of life. The questionnaire produces two scores: the SAQ score is the aggregation of the 16 domains and the SAQ-global score is the figure given on the 100 point scale.  The scale takes between 3 and 6 minutes to complete, but completion time reduces on subsequent occasions.

The SAQ can be used in clinical practice to gain insights into living with severe asthma from the patient’s perspective.  Evidence demonstrates its superior cross-sectional sensitivity and its design makes it a sensitive tool to measure response in severe asthma clinical trials.

Target Audience:

Healthcare professionals interested in severe asthma
Clinical researchers
Pharmaceutical company personnel involved in severe asthma
People living with severe asthma


Dr Matthew Masoli MBBS MRCP MD
Dr Masoli is a respiratory consultant and honorary senior clinical lecturer at the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital NHS Trust. He has a particular interest in patients with severe and difficult to control asthma and leads the severe asthma service. His current research interests include investigating the quality of life impairment of the disease and its treatment in severe asthma. He has published widely in the field and has been involved in a number of national asthma guideline committees.

Prof Michael Hyland PhD FBPS CPsychol
Prof Hyland is an honorary professor of the University of Plymouth and professor of psychology at Plymouth Marjons University.  He was the first respiratory psychologist in the UK, and has published on quality of life assessment and management of asthma since 1991.  His current interests are the wider impacts of severe asthma and how best to manage patients from a holistic perspective.

Marie Dulac
Author Relations Specialist, Author Collaboration Unit, Mapi Research Trust Marie Dulac is an Author Relations Specialist who manages Clinical Outcomes Assessments (COAs) and licensing for Mapi Research Trust.