Dr. J.E.Lewis and Dr. Ben Rogers


What you will learn

  • Development of the MENQOL

  • Psychometric properties: validity and responsiveness

  • Translations with Linguistic Validation

  • Conditions of use & how to access the MENQOL

  • Copyright, ownership


Key discussion points

  • 4 Official MENQOL questionnaires include 3 derivatives works
  • Questionnaires differ only in the RECALL PERIOD and 3 items in the PHYSICAL DOMAIN
  • Ensure you use the most helpful, appropriate questionnaire in your research
  • The items in the questionnaire reflect the priority negative perceptions identified by women about their early postmenopausal experiences
  • The Importance Score method should be considered for Quality of Life instrument development.
  • Construct Validation by domain, although significantly correlated with the MENQOL scores, used available instruments in the early 90’s that frequently had less rigorous development than the MENQOL.
  • Good Domain consistency and Reproducibilty data exists from repeated data gathering and analysis over 3 separate trials for women aged 41-62 years who were 1-9 years post last menses