Facilitating the use of Clinical Outcome Assessments

Mapi Research Trust is the only organization serving the interests of both COA authors and users worldwide, with more than 600 COAs and their derivatives officially distributed to 6,000 users each year on behalf of their authors.

To facilitate the understanding and use of these COAs, Mapi Research Trust can create a COA e-Booklet that provides detailed information on the background, methodology of COA development, and psychometric validation. The booklet also offers practical information on the administration of the COA, as well as instructions and scoring method.

Each e-Booklet includes:

  • A copy of the original paper COA
  • Original electronic version (OeV) of the COA, developed by MRT and ICON scientific and linguistic teams and approved by the developer.
  • Configuration guidelines of the eCOA (font type, font size, justification, navigability modalities, format, content etc.)

Developed in collaboration with the author, the COA e-Booklet is distributed to users along with the questionnaire. It accompanies users through the development of an electronic version of the COA and saves time by providing owner-approved Original English eCOA Version as well as detailed technical and validation specifications. Using an e-Booklet will ensure that the COA’s integrity is well respected and maintained across devices, modalities and eCOA vendors as well as e-versions suitable for use in international clinical research and projects.