Intellectual property and copyright protection aim to preserve the integrity of the COAs.

However, copyright is not always enough to protect COAs. To prevent misuse or abuse, it must be supplemented with access to critical information on COAs, such as copyright ownership, conditions of use, availability of translations and eCOAs*, validation status, scoring guidance and other material that are paramount to the proper use of COAs.

*Anfray et al., Health and Quality of Life Outcomes (2018) 16:224


The Mapi Research Trust team, supported by an international network of external Intellectual Property specialists, offers unique expertise in the field of COA copyright. We have over two decades of experience in the management of COAs and their derivatives (translations and electronic versions), as well as related requests on copyrights from authors and users.


Protection of the copyright and authorship 

  • Due diligence for copyright ownership
  • Recommendations for publication based on good practices
  • Licensing conditions set according to the developers’ and copyright holders’ terms
  • Copyright watch 

Protection of the questionnaire’s integrity and quality control

  • Management of derivative versions: translations, electronic versions, adaptations


Management of requests for information and use

  • International distribution and licensing process  
  • Monitored use of COAs 
  • Support provided to users from COA licensing to implementation
  • Invoicing and royalty fees collection