Unique expertise in international copyright law

The Mapi Research Trust team, supported by an international network of external Intellectual Property specialists, offers unique expertise in the field of questionnaire copyright. We have over two decades of experience in the management of questionnaires and their derivatives, as well as related requests on copyrights from authors and users.

We help authors define who holds the copyright on their questionnaires and all their derivatives (for example, in the case of multiple co-authors) and we ensure that the questionnaire’s name is appropriate.

We advise authors with regard to questionnaire pre-registration and registration, and we perform the online processes on their behalf. Mapi Research Trust also provides recommendations for the first publications of the questionnaire to ensure that the authors keep the copyright on the questionnaires in all circumstances.

Finally, our services can help clarify a large range of unclear situations, such as determining who holds the copyright on the questionnaire derivatives in all cases, and particularly in atypical cases, such as when the original questionnaire is in the public domain.