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Our experts in patient-centered endpoint intelligence perform thorough searches on the COA landscape in a collaborative and transparent process, to answer all your strategic questions, save you time and meet your deadlines.


Examples of topics patient-centered endpoint intelligence can cover

  • Which COAs are used in specific indications? (published and on-going interventional and observational clinical studies)
  • What content validity and psychometric properties do specific COAs have and how are they scored?
  • What are the relevant concepts that describe patients’ experience of the disease from the patient or the HCP perspective?
  • Which COA strategies did your competitors use?
  • Have competing drugs obtained a COA claim from the FDA, the EMA or other health authorities?
  • Have competitors used a COA during the development of their product which was not recognized in the label?
  • Which COAs are recommended by health authorities, HTA bodies?


Examples of sources used

  • Biomedical databases (Medline, Embase, PsycInfo, Cochrane, EconLit)
  •, TrialTrove
  • Websites of health authorities, health technology assessment (HTA) agencies, clinical societies, patient advocacy organizations
  • Grey Literature


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