Improving visibility of questionnaires and authors

In addition to a full range of author services like questionnaire protection and distribution, Mapi Research Trust ensures a strategic and optimal promotion of the questionnaires it distributes, improving visibility for both the questionnaires and their authors.

Organization of questionnaires webinars

These webinars represent an excellent opportunity for authors to present and promote their questionnaires, and the advantages of their use, to a large targeted audience, from academic researchers to representatives of the pharmaceutical industry.

Questionnaire webpages and websites

The Author Collaboration Unit can also develop specific Questionnaire Webpages that promote questionnaires as well as special communication and events about them.

Publication on the questionnaire in Mapi Research Trust’s PRO Newsletter

Mapi Research Trust has been publishing the PRO Newsletter since 1991 to promote the use of questionnaires in clinical research, with the goal of ultimately improving the quality of life of patients suffering from disabling chronic conditions.

Social media and specific email campaigns

Supported by the growing number of social media available and the constant update of its specific pages, Mapi Research Trust can help authors to quickly, efficiently and largely communicate on their questionnaires as well as about specific events or news about their instruments.

Other promotional actions in collaboration with the authors

Mapi Research Trust offers additional promotion opportunities in which authors can participate to help generate additional visibility for their questionnaires. These include:

Promotion during conferences and congresses

Mapi Research Trust is a regular participant, exhibitor and presenter in various targeted conferences and congresses in the PCO field and on specific diseases. This gives us the ability to easily disseminate questionnaire information to a large audience, through numerous channels, including the presentation of posters, participation in oral sessions, and our exhibitor booth, which is visited by numerous participants during the conferences.