Helping authors during the whole life cycle of their Clinical Outcome Assessment

For over 20 years, Mapi Research Trust has faced the challenge of gathering information on thousands of existing Clinical Outcome Assessments (COAs), whether they were published or unpublished; validated or not validated; copyrighted or in the public domain; with a clear or “blurred” authorship; or available in unique or multiple original versions.

Researching information on COAs can be challenging, as information is often spread across multiple sources. There is no formal and streamlined process for the centralization and dissemination of information on COAs by many authors. Mapi Research Trust was founded with the mission of centralizing, processing, and disseminating quick, reliable, updated, and exhaustive information on COAs to the scientific community.

To help further this mission, the Trust has launched the Author Collaboration Unit, entirely dedicated to assisting authors in the daily management of their COAs and all derivatives, including translations and electronic versions.

The Author Collaboration Unit provides authors with Mapi Research Trust’s unique expertise in copyright protection, management, and promotion of COAs and derivative works. Over 600 COAs are exclusively distributed by Mapi Research Trust on behalf of their authors, ensuring copyright protection, maintaining COA integrity, and enhancing their visibility.

In addition, the Author Collaboration Unit helps authors by streamlining COA updates for future use, anticipating authors’ involvement in processes for translations and other derivative works, clarifying international copyright law, and managing copyright issues requests.

The Author Collaboration Unit also serves the needs of users, who gain quick and easy access to COAs and their derivatives. Mapi’s expertise in linguistic and e-version validation also means users always have access to harmonized and validated translations and e-versions.

Any individual, group of individuals, publishers or companies that have developed and/or that own a company that has developed a COA can benefit from the services offered by the Author Collaboration Unit.

Mapi Research Trust can help authors during the whole life cycle of their COA