Mapi Research Trust provides reliable, comprehensive and up-to-date information services to research scientists, pharmaceutical companies, and governmental health agencies involved in the field of Patient-Centered Outcomes worldwide.


PROQOLID, the database of choice for information on Clinical Outcome Assessments (COAs) which was launched in 2002. For more information about PROQOLID and how to subscribe to the database, click here.

PROLabels, our unique database that gathers information on drugs approved with COA-labeling claims granted by the FDA and the EMA, was launched in 2006.
To learn more about PROLabels and how to subscribe to the database, click here

RefPRO is an internal bibliographic database (28,800+ articles) created to facilitate our access to scientific literature in the fields of Patient-Centered Outcomes (using Reference Manager software).

All documents can be accessed through our library.
The access to all classic scientific information sources (such as biomedical databases, epidemiologic databases, and on-line registries of clinical trials) complements our resources.


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