Mapi Research Trust provides reliable, comprehensive and up-to-date information services to research scientists, pharmaceutical companies, and governmental health agencies involved in the field of Patient-Centered Outcomes worldwide.

Mapi Research Trust is a non-profit organization facilitating access to information in the fields of Patient-Centered Outcomes, promoting the use of scientific approaches in this field and encouraging exchanges between academics, pharmaceutical companies, and international organizations around the world.

Through two unique databases, developed and constantly updated by Mapi Research Trust research professionals, we not only exchange the latest health outcomes information, but also create vital links among those at every level of Patient-Centered Outcomes studies. We also maintain the world’s largest library devoted exclusively to Clinical Outcomes Assesments (COA) and make its wealth of information available to those who need it most.

Whether you need practical information or more advanced searches on COAs, the Mapi Research Trust team is ready to make a difference.

We welcome you to our website and invite you to learn more about everything Mapi Research Trust can offer you.




2016 02 11




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