Mapi Research Trust provides reliable, comprehensive and up-to-date information services to research scientists, pharmaceutical companies, and governmental health agencies involved in the field of Patient-Centered Outcomes worldwide.


In January 1995, Mapi CRO and Adelphi Group came together to found a non-profit service organization, unique in the field of Health-Related Quality of Life (HRQoL) research, Mapi Research Institute.

The main objective of the Institute was to support and promote collaborative research initiatives in the field of health-related quality of life, involving academics, pharmaceutical companies, health authorities and international organizations such as the World Health Organization or the European Community.

For 9 years, the Institute followed its motto "Building the science of quality of life". Many projects were launched (ERIQA, IQOD, PROQOLID, the Cochrane PRO MG, etc) and hundreds of HRQoL measures were linguistically validated. In 1995 the business started with 5 people who quickly grew to 70 people by January 2004. Today a team of 95 people are dedicated to linguistic validation of Patient-Centered Outcomes for appropriate cross-cultural use and interpretation, leading the projects in close collaboration with a network of 450 experts in over 100 countries. In response to our increasing activities and to reinforce our mission, as of 1 June 2004, Mapi Research Institute was divided into 2 separate entities:

Mapi Institute became a traditional company conducting linguistic validations of Patient-Centered Outcomes instruments worldwide. From 2014, this entity is now known as Mapi.

Mapi Research Trust provides reliable, comprehensive and up-to-date information services to those in the field of Patient-Centered Outcomes around the globe.

The Mapi Research Trust's activities receive sponsorship from Mapi and other organizations.

In this way, we hope to facilitate the development of Mapi Research Trust and the sponsorship of its activities by other organizations.


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