Mapi Research Trust provides reliable, comprehensive and up-to-date information services to research scientists, pharmaceutical companies, and governmental health agencies involved in the field of Patient-Centered Outcomes worldwide.


Since the mid-90's we have been collecting and processing information in the field of Patient-Centered Outcomes accomplishing the following as a service to the Patient-Centered Outcomes community:

carre6 an ever growing network of experts comprising 3,500 researchers and representatives of the health authorities worldwide
carre6 the biannual publication of the Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO) Newsletter worldwide to a readership of over 9,000 
carre6 the official distribution of over 130 PRO questionnaires and their translations
carre6 over 150 literature reviews covering the main therapeutic areas
carre6 the development of unique and specific databases in the field: PROQOLID and PROLabels counting all major pharmaceutical companies as subscribers as well as the FDA
carre6 processing of over 5,000 information requests per year (questionnaires, translations, methodologies, copyrights, conditions of use etc.)
carre6 publication of articles in peer-reviewed journals
carre6 oral, poster and workshop presentations at conferences
carre6 publication of the Pharmaco-Epi and Risk Management (PRM) Newsletter


2016 08 26